Quarter 2 Assessments


1.10 Demonstrate the underhand movement (throw) pattern. 

1.15 Catch a self-bounced ball. 

1.21 Dribble a ball continuously with one hand while stationary. 

2.9 Describe the proper hand and finger position for catching a ball. 



1.8 Throw a ball for distance, using proper form. 

1.14 Hand-dribble, with control, a ball for a sustained period while traveling. 



1.7 Catch an object thrown by a stationary partner. 

1.13 Hand-dribble a ball continuously while moving around obstacles. 

1.9 Throw a ball, using the overhand movement pattern to target with accuracy. 



1.9 Catch a ball above the head and below the waist. 

2.1 Explain the difference between offense and defense. 



1.6 Overhand throw to a moving target. 

1.7 Catch an object while moving. 

2.1 Explain the importance of open space in playing sport-related games. 


All Grades 

5.5 Participates in class activities. 

5.5 Demonstrate respect for self, others, and equipment during physical activities.