About US

What is the Structured Learning Classroom (SLC)? 

The Structured Learning Classroom is the elementary program (K-5) for medically fragile students in the Nampa School District. The decision to place a student in this program is made in conjunction with a students home school IEP team and district administrative team. 

We are able to meet the medical needs of students in variety of ways including a full-time school nurse, CPR/First aid trained staff, and higher student to teacher ratios than typical special education classrooms. 

Our Staff

Ruby E. Bottom MEd, EDS - Special Education Teacher
Teresa Hampton - CNA, Paraprofessional
Coralei Mattox - Paraprofessional
Nicole Rill - Paraprofessional
Monica Bell - Physical Therapist
Lisa Triolo - Occupational Therapist
Teresa Lancaster - Speech Language Pathologist
Jamie Ashmead - IESDB Vision Specialist
Erin Schwartz - IESDB Hearing Specialist
Annette Pike RN - School Nurse
Heidi Aldous - School Psychologist
Joyce Pena - Dean of Students
Gina White - Principal