Mastery-Based Education

At Greenhurst Elementary, we meet the learning needs of all students through mastery-based learning. Students are able to learn skills at the pace best suited to them using the following steps:


  • Learn a new skill
  • Practice that skill
  • Get feedback from peers and teachers
  • Take an assessment on the skill
  • Analyze and fix mistakes
  • Practice more
  • Re-assess the skill
  • Demonstrate mastery


We believe that learning is never complete, and that all students can and will demonstrate mastery. Some just take a little longer to do it. 


Our journey toward mastery-based learning began in 2015, when we applied to the State Department of Education to be in a cohort of schools to pilot this new structure, also referred to as Competency-Based Instruction.


The basic premise is that students are at the center of their learning, teachers are the facilitators, learning must be personalized for every student, and students need to understand their path to proficiency.


We are always striving to improve. Since our journey began, we have showcased students’ learning at the Statehouse and presented to legislators in Idaho and other states. We have been to New Hampshire twice to learn more about Competency-Based Instruction and to present on what our kids are doing here at Greenhurst.


Moving forward, our leadership team has focused on metacognitive skills, or social-emotional skills that include implementing PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Supports) to help meet the needs of all of our children.


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