Fall Reopening Plan, please click here for full information

July 31, 2020 


Dear NSD Parents and Guardians, 

We have a lot of information to share with you today.  I wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping us get to where we are. Although we do have some definitive decisions out on the table now, in many ways, the work is just beginning.  I am confident, however, that together and with our focus on students, we can make it all happen.  

So here goes — 

 1.The Board approved our fall reopening plan with the following key revisions: 

  • Masks or face coverings will be required for all employees and students in all categories – green, yellow and red. (Please remember that we will have a process in place to support those who can’t wear face coverings). 
  • If we are in the red category (extensive community spread), our instruction will be virtual. 
  • The trustees added a statement of intent to continue to work with our community leaders in this critical time.
  1. The Board approved a delayed start for students. Why? To give us all time to prepare and be ready for our students as they return to us virtually on August 24th. Here is the overall outline of the start of school.
  • Thursday, August 13th– First day for certified staff – workday 
  • Friday, August 14th– District and building directed activities focused on SEL, self-care and building operations. Classified staff are encouraged to join us in the morning for the SEL work (you can swap another day in your calendar for this day). 
  • Monday, August 17th– Teacher workday 
  • Tuesday, August 18th– First day for classified staff – district-directed professional development focused on online, blended, and flipped classrooms, special education training, tight and loose expectations for online learning, and more! This will be designed similar to our work in the spring where PD was accessed online. 
  • Wednesday, August 19th– Building-directed activities including PLC, operations and instructional gaps 
  • Thursday, August 20th– Teacher workday 
  • Friday, August 21st– Teacher workday 
  • Monday, August 24th– Students return! (Virtually)  
  1. The Board approved our school opening as fully online at least through September 4th (the Friday before Labor Day). We will continue to review the most current data and make our decisions in two-week intervals to protect continuity and help us all prepare. Although our community shared a wide variety of thoughts and opinions related to our decision, the Board made its decision honoring those comments, referencing the most current medical knowledge, and with their responsibility toward employees and students in the forefront of their thinking. 
  2. Our decision to be wholly online through September 4th will impact our co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. For now, there will be NO activities on our campuses next week (Aug 3-9). We will work to provide additional information and expectations by the end of next week. Thank you for your patience in this matter.
  3. Working through your questions.There have been several questions submitted to us and we are working through the appropriate responses. I will send out the responses to questions related to face coverings next week.

You likely have many more questions and we will provide more frequent information as it becomes available.   

I would like to end this technical update with my gratitude to each of you. NSD is an amazing place. It is composed of incredibly dedicated individuals who choose to serve children. We will continue to work to care for the whole child (all 14,000 of them) – reaching out and connecting with them, caring for them, and connecting them to the resources they need.   

Care for yourself this weekend. Pause. Relax. Enjoy your family and friends.   

With regard, 



Dr. Paula Kellerer 
Nampa School District